Sustainable transformation for your brand in Africa

Get ahead of the opportunity

Kantar launched our Sustainable Transformation Practice in Africa at a digital event, you can watch the launch on demand here and fill in the form to download the presentation deck.

We’d love to partner with you on your sustainability journey and unleash purpose-led profit for your brand. With 90% of consumers in Africa saying it's important to buy products from brands that support causes they care about and COVID-19 putting the spotlight on topics such as racial and economic inequality, health, wellbeing and climate change, now, more than ever, it is time for brands to demonstrate action on these topics. It’s a no brainer then why understanding your brand purpose and closing the value-action-gap to harness sustainable brand growth is key. Because business success today is no longer about just profit, but profit with purpose.

Chat to Astrid Ricketts, our client partner who is leading the foundational study to find out how we can answer your questions and help you understand consumers and inspire growth for your brand.

The study covers key markets in the region and is set to go into field in May, so if you are keen to begin your sustainability journey or you’ve already begun but need to better understand the route, please do reach out.


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